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Thunderbird: IMAP Mailbox isn’t selectable


There was a problem with Thunderbird that was bugging me for a long while. If I did a search across all my folders, I would always get a pop-up window with the message “not a selectable mailbox” or something like that.

Finally today I decided to investigate how to solve this and I found this blog entry. I tried it, and it worked! This is what I did:

  • I located the .mailboxlist file that lists all the folders of the offending IMAP account. In my case the file was in my home directory. Easy!
  • In .mailboxlist I deleted the entries to the offending folders.  Apparently they should haven’t been listed there. These folders are meant to be carriers of other folders and therefore they have no messages. Why the file .mailboxlist lists them, I don’t know and I would love to hear if someone knows.
  • In my Thunderbird profile folder I went to the directory ImapMail/my.offending.imap.account. In my case the Thunderbird folder is .thunderbird. This folder has a directory with a strange name and the suffix .default; this is the default profile. In this default profile I found ImapMail.
  • Inside that my.offending.imap.account directory there is a list of files with suffix .msf. I simply deleted the files that corresponded with the offending folders.
  • I restarted Thunderbird… and voilà, now the offending folders are greyed out and in italics. And there were no more errors of this type.

What a relief.

(Shamelessly stolen from – Thanks Diego )




I just got a new laptop, installed Windows and VMWare on it, and then installed Ubuntu as a virtual machine. It worked like a charm, but when I was going to login, the keyboard didn’t work…

After googling a bit, I came across this:

This fixed my problem, thank you Edvard Heiberg Holst!

Shamelessly, I include his text here, in case he removes his webpage:

Keyboard not working with Ubuntu 10.04 in VmWare Fusion
Written by Edvard Heiberg Holst
Tuesday, 27 April 2010 03:07

I just downloaded and installed Ubuntu 10.04 LTS with VMWare Fusion 3.
When the login screen appeared I tried to enter the password but to my
great surprise, nothing happened.

After investigating the matter, it seems like this issue is related to
a vmvare setup script issue.

To fix the problem, first use the on-screen keyboard to log in to
Ubuntu.When you come to the login screen click on the “Universal
Access Preferences” (It’s the little guy in the circle) on the bottom
toolbar to the left of the date and time. Then click on the pop-up
that says “Universal Access Preferences”. Then put a check mark next
to “Use on-screen Keyboard”. Reboot and you will have an on-screen
keyboard that works. Once your in to your Gnome desktop the keyboard
works fine.

Then, open up a terminal and type:

sudo dpkg-reconfigure console-setup

Then follow the on-screen instructions, reboot, and you are good to go!

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