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Nostalgy for Thunderbird


I just found the best addon ever for Thunderbird: Nostalgy. It’s so
good, I just felt like sharing with the world 🙂

This addon makes is super-easy to copy or move a mail to another
folder, without using the mouse. To do this, you have two main modes:
1) Press s or c to copy a mail. This opens a text-field on the
status-line where you can start to type the folder you want to move or
copy the mail to. You will get auto-completion, and it remembers the
last x number of folders you moved/copied to. Press arrow up/down to
choose a folder and enter to move/copy the mail.

2) Make a rule based on sender and/or subject. When a mail matches
one of these rules, you will see it on the status-line, and you can
press shift-s or shift-c to move it to the folder automatically.

The addon can be configured very much, and is accectly what I feel was
missing in my thunderbird at least.

Great work, Alain Frisch. You will receive a donation from this happy
“customer” 🙂

Now, go get it yourself:

Solaris 10 U9 (09/10) and registration during installation


Not long ago, Oracle released a new version of Solaris, the first
after they took over Sun. In this new version, all traces of Sun seems
to be gone, and the logo is now of Oracle Solaris. Probably took them
so long to release it just to make sure every and all Sun-entries were
changed to Oracle…

One of the new things, is that when you install the OS, Oracle
collects information about how you setup your server and sends it to
Oracle. You get a choice between going this anonymously, or to use an
Oracle account. No third choice to *not* send this information…

This also posed a problem for our Jumpstart-setup, since this was a
new question our sysidcfg-files didn’t have an answer for. Therefore
the installation doesn’t start before you have gone through a few
pages of questions around this issue.

But, Google (and now I) is your friend. The solution is to put this
entry in the sysidcfg-file:

Our version of Solaris/Jet/Jass didn’t support doing this
automatically, but that was fixed through our custom scripts.

The interesting part is that this disables the feature that you can’t
disable through interactive installation.

Guess Oracle has really squeezed out most of what was left of Sun’s
culture, and input their own corporate thing…

Hope this is useful for others.

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