Nostalgy for Thunderbird

I just found the best addon ever for Thunderbird: Nostalgy. It’s so
good, I just felt like sharing with the world 🙂

This addon makes is super-easy to copy or move a mail to another
folder, without using the mouse. To do this, you have two main modes:
1) Press s or c to copy a mail. This opens a text-field on the
status-line where you can start to type the folder you want to move or
copy the mail to. You will get auto-completion, and it remembers the
last x number of folders you moved/copied to. Press arrow up/down to
choose a folder and enter to move/copy the mail.

2) Make a rule based on sender and/or subject. When a mail matches
one of these rules, you will see it on the status-line, and you can
press shift-s or shift-c to move it to the folder automatically.

The addon can be configured very much, and is accectly what I feel was
missing in my thunderbird at least.

Great work, Alain Frisch. You will receive a donation from this happy
“customer” 🙂

Now, go get it yourself:

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