Microsoft Backup – Humoungous System Image

I have been using Windows Backup to backup my windows machine to my
server. Suddenly I noticed that it took a very long time to run, and
that the output files were humoungus!

After researching this a bit, I found that the system image it took
included my data partition (d:), not only the system partition (c:).
Why on earth did it include my data drive with only data files, games
and so on?

After googling a bit, I found the answer: If you have any service
that refers to files on another drive than c:, it will be included in
the system image backup. So, for example the Dragon Age Updater
service makes my windows treat d: as a system-drive, and includes it
in the system image backup.

As far as I have figured out, there is no way to disable this
behaviour. All I could find were very angry people, and none from
Microsoft wanted to comment on it. So I guess I will either be
changing my backup program, not use the system image option or go
through every service and figure out which refers to the d:-drive and
change them… Very annoying!

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