XBMC + Windows + MySQL db backend

Have been planning for quite a while to change my xbmc-setup at home
to use a MySQL-database as backend for it’s library. This makes it so
that everything is in sync between several xbmc-instances you might
have at home, like which episodes you have watched and so on.

Easy as pie to setup (hint: add a section to advancedsettings.xml –
take a look at the wiki on xbmc.org).

However, there is a bug that really messed it up for me:

Amazing that this has been there for over a year, and it’s still not
fixed… In short, the way xbmc saves the path in the database doesn’t
work when it contains backslashes like it would in Windows. So, if
you map your network folder with all media content as v: and have the
tv-show 24 in v:tv24 it would not work when this was saved to the
database. The trick is to not use v: but go directly to the
server-share through smb. This rules out using NFS, but oh well…

So in short: don’t use “normal” path’s in your sources in windows, use
smb://… instead. And everything will work đŸ™‚

Wouldn’t it be nice if this was at least documented in the wiki? Or
maybe fix the bug? Took me quite a while of googling and debug-logging
and reinitializing databases and so on before I figured out what was
the problem…

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