Android 4 and Calendar crash

After I got a new phone with Android 4 (ICS), my calendar crashed as
soon as I enabled sync of my google calendar. After *lots* of
googling, I finally found the cause: At least one of the events in the
calendar is “corrupt”, and in earlier Android versions this has been
handled better than in the new Android. In the new, it gets real sad
and the whole calendar application crashes.

The solution (also found after *lots* of googling):
1) Log into your google calendar on a PC in a browser.
2) Go to calendar settings and export the whole calendar to an ICS-file.
3) Make sure you have the ICS-file (open it in a text editor)
4) Delete your calendar (or all events in it if it’s your main
calendar) on the web / google calendar
5) If you have more than one calendar, repeat steps 2-4
6) Import your ICS-file back to the google calendar 
7) If you have more than one calendar, repeat step 7 

For me this solved everything. From what I read, some will get an
error when importing back in, and then it will state the line number
the problem is in. This can be a malformed time zone, some funky
recurring event and so on. In that case:
a) Open the ICS-file in an editor
b) Fix the malformed line
c) Go to step 6)

Hope that was helpful, it solved all my problems at least 🙂

PS: I read that most of these errors come from using programs that
sync your outlook/exchange calendar to google. It probably messes up
recurring events and timezones sometimes, and the event ends up
corrupt. For some reason Google doesn’t detect this, and you get a
big problem on the Android that crashes when it gets to such a
malformed entry.

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