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HP “Support”?


I have tried to add my printer to the new fancy service Google Cloud
Print, which according to the website should support my printer
directly through HP ePrint. But, no go… Google only comes with an
error: “Could not get printer information from HP.”. A quick
google-search establishes that I’m not alone with this problem (and
yes, I have logged into the HP ePrint-center and check that the
security settings are set to allow Google Cloud Print)…

So, I decide to open a support-case to HP about it. But that seems

1) I try to chat with them, but I can’t because my printer is
impossible to find in the choose your product-thingy, and before you
choose what product you have, they won’t chat with you… So I guess
HP has just forgotten that they sold a B110a/B110/cn245b-printer

2) I try to email them. To be able to do that, you have to go through
a series of questions on the web, it would be too easy to just give
you their email-address… So I fill everything in, but still it
doesn’t like my product-number. It has been written exactly as the
printer itself writes it on the status-printout. Still, HP doesn’t
recognize this product-number (and why is the product-number not the
same as the model-number you avertise it as?).

You can however choose to continue anyway, so I do that. Then I have
to fill in the S/N, and tell them what the problem is. When I am
finished, it doesn’t want to submit, because it claims the S/N is
incorrect. Again, I double-check it against the printers own
status-printout, and it is written correctly. Then I open the webpage
for the printer, and copy/paste the S/N from there, still HP doesn’t
recognize the S/N, and I am not allowed to email them.

Wow, nice “support”… So instead of chatting with me or answering me
through email (or rather webform if it had worked), I will have to
call them in normal busineess-hours.

This is not good support, HP… I am not even sure I would call it support…

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Oracle’s incompetent patch-handling


My last post was about how Oracle decided to move smb.conf and the
private-dir for samba without moving the files for you, or even
informing you that this might be a good idea… Read more here:

Today we are patching all of our servers at work, and we came across
even more stupid stuff:

1) If you have ldap/client running and enabled, it is probably because
you are using it. But in one of the latest patches, Oracle decides
that disabling this service is probably a good thing. Even if you
check after patching, it is enabled, but after a reboot it is
magically disabled. This is extra fun if you login as a normal user
and use sudo to manage your servers… How can this pass QC?

2) If you have changed /usr/lib/sendmail to point to your own local
mailer, f.ex. your own compiled exim, this is also probably because
you want it like that. Often Oracle decides that it’s a good idea to
just change this back to point to sendmail. Which breaks your setup
spectacularly… Again, how can this pass QC?

3) In our setup /var/mail is a symlink to /export/mail which is a
gigantic zfs-disk from the SAN. In one of the latest patches, Oracle
decides that this symlink should just be removed. Not even replaced
with a normal folder or anything, just removed. Which breaks our
setup spectacularly… Again, how can this pass QC?

4) If you don’t use sendmail, but f.ex. exim instead like we do, you
have probably disabled the sendmail-services. In many patches, Oracle
thinks that it’s a very good idea to just enable these services for
you again. Don’t they think we know what we’re doing when we disable
them ourselves? Again, how can this pass QC?

I am so happy that we’re moving away from Oracle/Sun/Solaris, because
this is just getting worse and worse for each time we patch the

#oracle #fail

Samba not working after Solaris-patching


If you use the built-in Samba in Solaris 10, you might have discovered
that after patching Solaris lately, Samba is not working any more.

Well this is an easy fix, but I can’t understand why Oracle hasn’t fixed it yet:

1) cp /etc/sfw/private/* /etc/samba/private/
2) cp /etc/sfw/smb.conf /etc/samba/
3) svcadm clear samba
4) svcadm restart samba

Oracle decided to move smb.conf and the private-files for Samba from
/etc/sfw/ to /etc/samba. Not a bad idea, but why on earth don’t they
copy over the old files if they exist?

This is just a stupid bug…

#oracle #fail

Welcome back, or??


I used to play Age of Conan for a while, until I got too tired of all the bugs and flaws, and gave it up.  A while ago I was considering to go back, and then FunCom decided to withdraw money for a whole year for both me and my girlfriend’s accounts, when both accounts were closed.  This pissed me off so much I didn’t go back, and after some emailing with customer support I got my money back. 

This is a while ago, and I was again starting to warm up to the thought of going back go Age of Conan, and then this came in the mail today:


Basicly, they are deleting all my progress in the game so far.  Do they really think that saving a few kb on their server is worth the risk of pissing off potential return-customers?  I can tell you this FunCom: If you delete my character, it’s the final nail in the coughin.  I will never come back to Age of Conan, and probably not any game you ever make. 

The first rule of online gaming is never delete the characters.  People do come back from time to time, and they don’t want to start over again on level 1, they want to continue where they left off.  With disk space as cheap as it is today, nothing at all can justify what you are doing here…

I pity my colleagues who have stocks in your company.  They bought them at ~55, now they are at ~4 and with this latest stunt, you will soon have to pay people money to receive your stocks…

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