HP “Support”?

I have tried to add my printer to the new fancy service Google Cloud
Print, which according to the website should support my printer
directly through HP ePrint. But, no go… Google only comes with an
error: “Could not get printer information from HP.”. A quick
google-search establishes that I’m not alone with this problem (and
yes, I have logged into the HP ePrint-center and check that the
security settings are set to allow Google Cloud Print)…

So, I decide to open a support-case to HP about it. But that seems

1) I try to chat with them, but I can’t because my printer is
impossible to find in the choose your product-thingy, and before you
choose what product you have, they won’t chat with you… So I guess
HP has just forgotten that they sold a B110a/B110/cn245b-printer

2) I try to email them. To be able to do that, you have to go through
a series of questions on the web, it would be too easy to just give
you their email-address… So I fill everything in, but still it
doesn’t like my product-number. It has been written exactly as the
printer itself writes it on the status-printout. Still, HP doesn’t
recognize this product-number (and why is the product-number not the
same as the model-number you avertise it as?).

You can however choose to continue anyway, so I do that. Then I have
to fill in the S/N, and tell them what the problem is. When I am
finished, it doesn’t want to submit, because it claims the S/N is
incorrect. Again, I double-check it against the printers own
status-printout, and it is written correctly. Then I open the webpage
for the printer, and copy/paste the S/N from there, still HP doesn’t
recognize the S/N, and I am not allowed to email them.

Wow, nice “support”… So instead of chatting with me or answering me
through email (or rather webform if it had worked), I will have to
call them in normal busineess-hours.

This is not good support, HP… I am not even sure I would call it support…

#hp #fail

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