Welcome back, or??

I used to play Age of Conan for a while, until I got too tired of all the bugs and flaws, and gave it up.  A while ago I was considering to go back, and then FunCom decided to withdraw money for a whole year for both me and my girlfriend’s accounts, when both accounts were closed.  This pissed me off so much I didn’t go back, and after some emailing with customer support I got my money back. 

This is a while ago, and I was again starting to warm up to the thought of going back go Age of Conan, and then this came in the mail today:


Basicly, they are deleting all my progress in the game so far.  Do they really think that saving a few kb on their server is worth the risk of pissing off potential return-customers?  I can tell you this FunCom: If you delete my character, it’s the final nail in the coughin.  I will never come back to Age of Conan, and probably not any game you ever make. 

The first rule of online gaming is never delete the characters.  People do come back from time to time, and they don’t want to start over again on level 1, they want to continue where they left off.  With disk space as cheap as it is today, nothing at all can justify what you are doing here…

I pity my colleagues who have stocks in your company.  They bought them at ~55, now they are at ~4 and with this latest stunt, you will soon have to pay people money to receive your stocks…

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