ReplayMod and OptiFine in Minecraft 1.14.4

Since I struggled a bit to install these addons to Minecraft and get them to work together, I thought I would jot down a quick howto for others on how to get this working without any hassle.


For all downloads: make sure to get the version that matches your minecraft version (1.14.4 for me at the moment)!
Download all of the following to f.ex. your Downloads-folder:


The installation:

  • Double-click the fabric-installer*.exe and click on install
  • Double-click the OptiFine*.jar and choose extract. Save the MOD to f.ex. your Downloads folder
  • Go to the start-menu and type %APPDATA% and click enter, and you will get an explorer-window which should contain .minecraft – go into that folder, and make a new called “mods”.
  • Copy the following files from your Downloads to the mods-folder you just created:
    • fabric-api*.jar
    • optifabric-*.jar
    • OptiFine*MOD.jar (not the installer, but the extracted mod-file)
    • replaymod*.jar
  • Extract the ffmpeg you downloaded to %APPDATA%\.minecraft so it becomes .minecraft\ffmpeg\bin

Done. You will have a new choice in the dropdown in the vanilla launcher you can use to start Minecraft with Fabric and Replaymod + OptiFine.

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